Image capture and transmission are generic technologies used in a multitude of business applications, including Production Technologies, Security, Healthcare and Digital Entertainment. A highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team is required to develop the various aspects of the technologies such as optics, image capture, video processing and transmission.

To develop and optimize these technologies for professional products, a consortium with a critical mass of world class engineering and research skills is required. This project brings together important European players in the imaging industry with
proven track records. The team consists of an R&D institute, fabless design houses, semiconductor manufacturer and system integrators advanced in the targeted technologies and designs.

The overall goal of the SENSATION project is to develop technologies and improved building blocks for the next generations of CMOS image sensors, image sensor interface standards, video processing and transmission. Results will be demonstrated in prototype silicon and application demonstrators. Transmission solutions will be standardized. In all vision based professional applications the trend in image capture is towards higher spatial and temporal resolutions, wider colour gamut, higher dynamic range and improved image quality. New and improved building blocks will be developed to drive and fill in these trends in Production Technologies, and Connectivity and Digital Networks.

In short, the partners will cooperate on the development of the following:

  • Development of (building blocks for) CMOS image sensors: smaller global shutter pixels, increased dynamic range, increased data rates, auto-focus pixels, improved ADC’s, ultra-high-speed architectures and high speed serial interfaces
  • New solutions for camera transmission
  • Demonstration of results in cameras for Machine Vision and Broadcast, and demonstration of separate image sensor evaluation set-ups
  • Standards for a high-speed serial interface for image sensors, image compression and camera interfaces.

All partners in the project are leaders in the world-wide markets in which they operate.
Through cooperation in this project, technologies and building blocks can be developed
that would not be possible without cooperation. This will allow them to stay in the forefront
of their markets and further improve their market position.